Engage Planning worked closely with Hopkins and Moore to demonstrate local support for a small rural development in Snape of 26 homes, of which eight were to be ‘affordable dwellings’.  Suffolk Coastal District Council had indicated that it would progress the application only if we could demonstrate local support.

A series of meetings were held with the local parish council, who were supportive of the need for affordable housing in the village and accepted the need for this to be accompanied by additional quality private dwellings. 

Following these meetings, Engage Planning organised a public exhibition. The exhibition was very well attended and we were able to demonstrate a significant level of public support for the proposals.

This local support was referred to as part of the planning officer’s committee report.  The application gained unanimous support from members, despite not according with Local Plan Policy. 

The site has now been built and there were a number of positive press articles at the launch of its first affordable homes.

The factors leading to the successful outcome of this planning promotion included:

  • Identifying and responding to local housing needs
  • Providing evidence of community support to the decision makers
  • Demonstrating how needs within the Committee Report had been met by Hopkins and Moore